Musician. Vocalist.
Writer. Composer.

Corinthia Cromwell in residency at

Two River Theater...Red Bank, NJ

Two River Theater welcomes Corinthia Cromwell as the saxophone voice for the stage play OO-BLA-DEE.   OO-BLA-DEE follows Evelyn Waters and the Diviners, an all-black, all-female jazz band, as they travel from St. Louis to Chicago in order to set up a record deal following the end of World War II. On this trip toward freedom the latest member of the group, sax player Gin Del Sol, must wrestle with the complex timing of the music as well as the complicated times in which she lives.  OO-BLA-DEE is written by Golden Globe Award winner Regina Taylor (Crowns, I’ll Fly Away), featuring original songs by Taylor and Obie Award-winning composer Diedre L. Murray (Running Man, Eli’s Comin’),directed by Tony Award winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson (August Wilson’s Jitney, Lackawanna Blues).

OO-BLA-DEE Reviews

Broadway World

“OO-BLA-DEE at Two River Theater is an insightful musical story-A Summer Must See


"This show is a treasure, beautifully crafted and presented”


“You’ll be very impressed by the music that accompanies OO-BLA-DEE and the musicians that make it happen George Caldwell-Piano, Corinthia Cromwell- saxophone, Eli Fountain-Percussion  and Mimi Jones-bassist”


“An insightful show, a jazz lover’s experience”


Two River Times

“Also on the second level is the real band, and they are terrific!”


Out In Jersey

“The music itself is performed by an onstage quartet of musicians, George Caldwell-Piano, Corinthia Cromwell-Saxophone, Eli Fountain-Percussion and Mimi Jones-Percussionist, They are, to put it bluntly, outstanding!”